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Any model on the site can be built at a reduced cost, custom options will extend build time and cost. We do our best to meet demand, but we are a small shop with one builder so we ask for your patience, we require a contract and half up front, this allows us to buy the materials, get other work done. The contract ensures that you get what you agree to, and any in mid-build changes are then factored into the final cost. We can do custom work or one off guitars, however you must bear in mind that they can increase builds time exponentially, the Flag Guitar for instance took well over six months to build from start to finish, most guitars are done in two if there are no interruptions.

We can post pictures of the build as we make progress, and you can stop by the shop, but keep in mind the more time we spend entertaining the long it takes to build your guitar. We are more than willing to have you come in as we resonate the soundboard, and let you be part of that process.

Final payment is fully due before a guitar is delivered.

Please contact us for our current work schedule, cost, and estimated time.

Custom Options

  • Fanned Fret Guitar System (for more information visit Ralph Novax’s web site)
  • Slanted Back for ease of playing.
  • Slanted backs are great when playing live, the top part of the guitar is much thinner, which makes it easier to hold and play the guitar. Players that get this feature really love the idea that they can play the guitar for a long period of time without their arm getting tired.
  • Custom inlay available on request.
  • Thin body.Thin body guitars are a good option for people who are uncomfortable playing a large or deep bodied guitar, it’s great for kids as well.
  • K & K pickup system (for more information visit K & K’s Home Page)
  • Optional Fret Sizes (we use Jumbo by default on steel strings and mediums on Classicals)