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Welcome To Patriot Guitars

Welcome to our little slice of guitar heaven, who are we? well that takes a bit of explanation. If you want the whole story then click on the "About" button at the top of the navigation bar and you can get the whole story, but here's the condensed version:

We are a family-run guitar building business, decidedly small-time and for all intents and purposes we intend to stay that way. We make guitars for all types of customers, occasionally we do repairs,(we've even done Banjo's), setups and some other types of repair work. But our real interest is in building unique one of a kind hand made guitars, they aren't cheap. But they are a complete effort from our hearts and we think they are pretty special. We do this in our spare time, experiment with new things and are constantly working to make things better. I guess we could have put a bunch of spin here, but we aren't marketing people and like to keep things simple. We've been building since 2001, we have done tradeshows, and built some custom guitars (you can see them in the gallery). We have also been working on Violins, Electrics and some new Classical designs, if it sounds interesting then come on in, we love hearing from everyone.